Continuation of construction Tairov Gardens

– On March 21, we will resume construction of the Tairovsky Sady residential district. Our teams will go to the site and continue work from the place where they stopped on the evening of February 23. We will regularly cover the entire construction process on the website and social networks.

– Our consulting department also opens on March 21 and is ready to receive visitors from 10:00 to 18:00.

– We thank investors who continue or resume installment payments for their real estate. Each of you makes a huge contribution to the continuation of the construction of the “Tairov Gardens” and as soon as possible to obtain the keys to their apartments.

– We also understand people who are in a difficult financial situation and can not make payments now. We will regulate the issue of payments with you individually. We remind you that fines and penalties will not be charged for the current period.

Keep yourselves!
We believe in victory !!!