Hall 1 of the Author’s District will be decorated with paintings by Olga Soldatova

See what the lobby of the first house in the Author’s District will look like.

Modern and stylish design, warm colors and New! – beautiful handmade frescoes on the walls from our friend, talented artist and resident of the Black Sea Riviera Olga Soldatova.

Hand-painted walls in the interior remain a unique decor, eye-catching, capable of telling a whole story. The skill of the author and thoughtfulness of the plot create an atmosphere, give zest and enliven the interior.

And we, the inhabitants of Odessa, always have something to tell and show!

When you enter the lobby of your house in the Avtorsky district, you will plunge into the atmosphere of your favorite Odessa courtyards with amazing color.

We are sure that the artistic painting in the interior of the hall will create a good mood for its residents, dip into the atmosphere of home comfort and tranquility.

Recall that Olga’s stunning paintings are already decorating the lobby of the CHKALOV Tower in the center of Odessa, handmade frescoes on the walls of Uncle CHAO, a pan-Asian restaurant for family and friends on Lanzheron, have scattered around the world as Instagram postcards, art drawings on trees delight visitors to the Cities by the Sea park Black Sea Riviera.

The Author’s District is a large-scale residential project in the City by the Sea of ​​the Black Sea Riviera.

SEA SIDE and another standard of living.