KUB Corporation supported the World Exhibition in Odessa

The World Expo 2030 Odesa may take place in Odessa. This is an open platform for demonstrating the technical and technological achievements of the whole world. For example, this year the exhibition is being held in Dubai, and in 2030 Expo could become the main event for our city.

Corporation “Cube” became a member of the public council for holding the World Exhibition in Odessa. Well-known Ukrainians, businessmen and opinion leaders will popularize information about the Expo and ignite this idea in Odessa and all of Ukraine.

In terms of scope, duration and number of visitors, the International Exhibition can only be compared with the Olympic Games. The preparation and holding of the Expo is an impetus for the rapid growth of the economy of Odessa and Ukraine. This is an opportunity to present yourself in the international arena, attract foreign investment, become a tourist center, expand the range of public diplomacy and focus on important geopolitical issues.