Construction resumed on the construction sites of KUB Corporation!

🔷Avtorsky district, 2nd turn:
resumed work on the installation of the facade translucent system;
resumed work on the installation of water supply and sewage system;
resumed work on the installation of cases of cable power lines.

🔷Avtorsky district, 3 turns:
we perform maintenance work on the tower crane;
began manufacturing structural elements of frames under the floor slab of the 18th floor.

🔷Avtorsky district, 4 turns:
resumed installation of the floor slab formwork of the 14th floor.

Work has also been resumed on the premises of the future Tavriya B supermarket, located in the Authorsky District.

The construction of the international level Unity Towers continues.
🔸Tower A
Completely done:
reinforcement and concreting of vertical structures of the 9th floor.

Works are underway:
arrangement of the formwork of the floor slab of the 9th floor;
reinforcement of horizontal structures of the 9th floor.

🔸Tower B
Completely done:
reinforcement of vertical structures -2 floors.

Works are underway:
concreting of vertical structures -2 floors;
arrangement of the formwork of the floor slab -2 floors;
reinforcement of horizontal structures -2 floors.

🔸Section 1
Completely done:
installation of parapets of the 6th floor.

And we continue to build a school on the territory of the Author’s district!
🔷 Completed works:
concreting of the floor slab of the 2nd floor;
reinforcement of columns on the 3rd floor;
concreting part of the columns of the 3rd floor;
masonry of the front walls of the 1st floor.

🔷We continue to perform the following works:
masonry of the facade walls of the gym;
masonry of facade walls of the 2nd floor;
we are preparing for concreting several columns of the 3rd floor.

Construction of the Tairovsky Sady residential district continues
🔶Section 6:
work on the “wet facade”;
laying tiles in public places;
roof arrangement;
decoration of common areas;
arrangement of internal communications;
arrangement of gypsum plasterboard niches in public places;
installation of heating radiators is completed.

🔶Section 2-8:
masonry of external walls.

🔶Section 2-6:
laying of internal walls from expanded clay concrete.

🔶Section 2-5:
masonry of external walls.

Work has resumed on the site of the №3 Aqua Marine residential building.
plaster and wall decoration
heating and other networks
facing of a tile
work on the boiler room
work on the entrance group.

The second stage of the Riviera Gardens residential area is nearing delivery
🔶In sections №5, №6 and №7 ends:
installation of radiators and heating
finishing the porch of section №5
facing by a tile
work on the roof
dilution ventilation

🔶Also in the fourth phase of the “Gardens of the Riviera” continues the laying of interior and exterior walls of red brick.

Let’s build the future together further! 💪

– On March 21, we will resume construction of the Tairovsky Sady residential district. Our teams will go to the site and continue work from the place where they stopped on the evening of February 23. We will regularly cover the entire construction process on the website and social networks.

– Our consulting department also opens on March 21 and is ready to receive visitors from 10:00 to 18:00.

– We thank investors who continue or resume installment payments for their real estate. Each of you makes a huge contribution to the continuation of the construction of the “Tairov Gardens” and as soon as possible to obtain the keys to their apartments.

– We also understand people who are in a difficult financial situation and can not make payments now. We will regulate the issue of payments with you individually. We remind you that fines and penalties will not be charged for the current period.

Keep yourselves!
We believe in victory !!!

Tower A
– Fully completed:
– The device of monolithic stairs -1 floor – 1 pc.
– Nearing completion:
– Reinforcement of vertical structures of the 8th floor
– Concreting of parapets of the 8th floor
– Work in progress:
– Concreting of vertical structures of the 8th floor
– Installation of formwork on the 8th floor
Tower B
– Nearing completion:
– Reinforcement of vertical structures -2 floors
– Work in progress:
– Concreting of vertical structures -2 floors
Tower C
– Started work:
– Excavation
Section 1
– Work in progress:
– Brickwork of the outer walls of the 5th floor
– Brickwork of the outer walls of the 6th floor
All questions about the availability and layout of apartments in UNITY TOWERS, deadlines for completion of facilities, infrastructure, the ability to buy a renovated apartment, get a discount or a mortgage, will be answered by our managers at the Sales Centers or by phone +380 48 788 28 27.

2021 gave us many important moments, which you can learn in detail from our video.

We not only create houses that are different, but also an atmosphere that makes the life of our investors comfortable. We have many events planned for next year. We have prepared surprises and will pleasantly surprise you every month next year.

We wish you health, happiness and great success in the new year! May all your dreams come true!

Happy New Year!

The World Expo 2030 Odesa may take place in Odessa. This is an open platform for demonstrating the technical and technological achievements of the whole world. For example, this year the exhibition is being held in Dubai, and in 2030 Expo could become the main event for our city.

Corporation “Cube” became a member of the public council for holding the World Exhibition in Odessa. Well-known Ukrainians, businessmen and opinion leaders will popularize information about the Expo and ignite this idea in Odessa and all of Ukraine.

In terms of scope, duration and number of visitors, the International Exhibition can only be compared with the Olympic Games. The preparation and holding of the Expo is an impetus for the rapid growth of the economy of Odessa and Ukraine. This is an opportunity to present yourself in the international arena, attract foreign investment, become a tourist center, expand the range of public diplomacy and focus on important geopolitical issues.

The project of our future business center Primorsky won in the nomination “Retail Real Estate Project” as part of the all-Ukrainian construction award IBUILD 2021. We thank the jury for appreciating the advantages of our facility.

We express our gratitude to our team for the work that brought the company a victory in the nomination. Further more!