Presentation of KUB Corporation

In Odessa, the beginning of a new architectural history of the city was laid: the birth of the KUB corporation was solemnly celebrated at the Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater.

How often does each of us think, looking at the architectural structures of the new Odessa, which of these buildings will be included in the new architectural history of Odessa?

Architects and homeowners in the 19th century built architectural masterpieces that adorn Odessa today.

Modern buildings are mostly multi-storey faceless concrete boxes that do not leave any architectural heritage on the map of new Odessa.

The creation of the KUB corporation marked the beginning of a new architectural history of the city, since all objects of the corporation are unique not only in architectural forms, but also in the complex infrastructure laid down at the design stage of real estate objects.

The corporation of developers “KUB” includes the following companies: Odecom Development, Rivera Development, MegaLine and D Group.

As Oleg Nevzorov, one of the founders of the KUB corporation, said at the presentation: “KUB is, first of all, a combination of creativity, experience and professionalism! We have already proven that we can create objects that will go down in history and delight citizens with their architectural features. More than 5,000 families have already moved into their new homes. We have more than one and a half million square meters on the way. Over the years, we have been preparing, studying, gaining experience in order to create a corporation that will go down in history. And now the day has come, from which it all begins!

At the presentation of the corporation of developers “KUB” in addition to the presentation of projects, guests and partners were waiting for a lot of gifts and performances by star guests.

The highlight of the program was the performance of Valentine Kuba, beloved by the inhabitants of Odessa, together with the ensemble of musicians “Mother’s Children”.

We thank all our partners for coming and sharing this joyful moment with us.